Welcome to Phillip and Sara's webpage for their first child.  We will continuously post new photos and information as they arrive.

She Has Arrived!!

Isabella Jane Seng was born on Thursday, February 15th, 2007 at 8:19 pm.

She weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces.

She was 21 inches long.

A little history of what happened:

The night of Wednesday, February 14th Sara was feeling some mild patterned contractions.  She took a shower and laid down.  They seemed to have gone away, so we went to bed.  We were both up early the next morning,  around 5:00 am.  She did not feel the baby moving much.  She ate a donut and some orange juice to try and get her moving.  Still the baby was not moving much, once in an hour time frame.  We decided to go in to the hospital to have her checked.  We arrived at Sarasota Memorial Hospital Thursday morning around 7:30 am.  They hooked to her up to the monitors and everything was looking fine.  Her doctor (Dr. Towsley) was already at the hospital.  He checked her out and she was only 2 cm dilated and about 80% effaced.  We were there for about an hour.  They decided to do an ultrasound and if everything looked good we could go home.  With the first ultrasound, they measured the pockets of amniotic fluid.  It showed approximately 12 ml of fluid was there (this is good).  They decided to check their findings with the more advanced ultrasound machine.  This showed that some of the pockets that were thought to be fluid contained a lot of cord.  With this machine they measured 5.8 ml of fluid (a little low).  Dr Towsley decided that she should stay and be induced today.  Sara was scheduled to come in Friday morning, the 16th, and be induced.  Sara's mom and sister were planning on coming over from Titusville for the delivery.  Her Dad and Peggy were also planning on coming over from New Smyrna.  I called everyone quick to tell them that the day had changed.

After a little while we were moved from triage into a labor and delivery.  At 10:30 they gave her Cytotec to help dilate her.  At 12:30, Dr. Towsley came by and broke the water.  When she was dilated to 5 cm she started feeling some contractions and she decided that she wanted a epidural.  It was not until 3:00 they started the Pitocin, to help with contractions and getting them into a steady pattern.  Around 7:00 she was dilated to 9 cm and completely effaced.  They started having her push.  After a little while of pushing, she started to run a fever and the babies heart rate was having a slow recovery.  Dr Towsley said that she would push the baby to a certain point and then the baby would stop.  The doctor recommended that she should have a c-section because he did not think the baby would fit through her pelvis.  At this point we agreed to the c-section and they whisked Sara off to the operating room.  They let me come into the operating when they were ready to pull the baby.  At 8:19 pm we had a healthy little girl.  After they wiped her off and weighed her,  Isabella and I went to the nursery while they finished stitching up Sara.  In the nursery they gave Isabella a bath and gave her the necessary shots and checkup.  Once completed I got to hold her for the first time.  After holding her for a while and letting everyone see her through the window, I went back down to labor and delivery to be with Sara.  We both came up from labor and delivery together to the nursery.  At this point Sara got to hold Isabella for the first time and the whole family was together.  We had a private room in the nursery where we stayed together for the night.

posted: 2/17/07